WordPress Image Plugin You Should Install

Are you tired of the slow loading time of your website? You might need to install a wordpress image plugin. You can lose up to 7% of your conversions if you don’t improve the speed of your site. While wordpress already has a library filled with beautiful images, a plugin can give you more options to choose from.

There are a number of image plugins on the Internet. But, what we recommend most is PixelRockstar. PixelRockstar is a wordpress image plugin that comes with over 4 million high quality images. All photos come with a Digital License, specially designed for digital use only. If you want to be legally safe, search add images to your website and social media with the PixelRockstar.


Here are a few things you need to know about the image plugin:

  • Over 4 million high quality images
  • Legally safe
  • Pics you download are yours to use forever
  • Search and add media in just a few clicks
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized images with SEO caption
  • Best prices

PixelRockstar is co-founded by stock photo expert, Amos Struck, along with other brilliant minds – Alex Preukschat and Vita Valka. The images, over $10,000 insurance coverage, can be used in social media and websites. You can download up to 2000 pixels in width and height. Any image you purchase from the website should be downloaded within one year of purchase.

There are three types of packs you can download at the website. The Pixel pack comes with 10 images for only $9. If you have higher creative needs, the 50-image pack known as the Rock pack is the right choice for you. For greater creative needs, the popular choice and probably the best one – Star pack – gives you 350 premium images for only $200. If you are looking for faster loading time and cheaper wordpress image plugin, PixelRockstar is the one you should install.

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