6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Photos Online

Are your running a business website or Facebook page? We live in a new and dynamic era of image creation. Over 2.5 billion people already have “cameras in their pockets” that further advances the age of visual language and culture. Photos are becoming the universal language. If you want to reach your intended audience, buy photos online.

Here are 6 main reasons to buy photos online:

  • Articles with photos get 94% more total views than it full-text counterpart.
  • 60% of consumers consider buying a product from a contact or business with images that show up in local search results.
  • Social media posts with photos have 37% higher level of engagement that posts with texts only.
  • Over half of consumers consider quality image as very important in choosing and buying a product.
  • Many consumers think that the quality of product image is more important than description, reviews and ratings.
  • Including a photo in your social media posts increases views by 45%.

Buy photos online to adapt to the age of visual culture. Include high definition images to drive engagement and increase your sales. Keep in mind that Facebook and Twitter are important parts of social media strategy. You need to use images in your posts and not just links and texts.

A number of stock photos sites let you buy photos online at affordable prices. Whatever your budget level is, you will definitely find an image source that meets your needs. To name a few, iStock and 99 Club are cheap stock photo sites that offer high quality photos.

Stock photos are a great resource to add professional-quality visuals. They are at very low cost with minimal legal risks. Buying photos online entail huge possibilities, clear benefits and low expenses. Make sure you tap into them to make your website, advertisement, social media posts, blog posts, and marketing campaigns more compelling.

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