WordPress Image Plugin You Should Install

Are you tired of the slow loading time of your website? You might need to install a wordpress image plugin. You can lose up to 7% of your conversions if you don’t improve the speed of your site. While wordpress already has a library filled with beautiful images, a plugin can give you more options to choose from.

There are a number of image plugins on the Internet. But, what we recommend most is PixelRockstar. PixelRockstar is a wordpress image plugin that comes with over 4 million high quality images. All photos come with a Digital License, specially designed for digital use only. If you want to be legally safe, search add images to your website and social media with the PixelRockstar.


Here are a few things you need to know about the image plugin:

  • Over 4 million high quality images
  • Legally safe
  • Pics you download are yours to use forever
  • Search and add media in just a few clicks
  • Easy to use
  • Optimized images with SEO caption
  • Best prices

PixelRockstar is co-founded by stock photo expert, Amos Struck, along with other brilliant minds – Alex Preukschat and Vita Valka. The images, over $10,000 insurance coverage, can be used in social media and websites. You can download up to 2000 pixels in width and height. Any image you purchase from the website should be downloaded within one year of purchase.

There are three types of packs you can download at the website. The Pixel pack comes with 10 images for only $9. If you have higher creative needs, the 50-image pack known as the Rock pack is the right choice for you. For greater creative needs, the popular choice and probably the best one – Star pack – gives you 350 premium images for only $200. If you are looking for faster loading time and cheaper wordpress image plugin, PixelRockstar is the one you should install.

6 Reasons Why You Should Buy Photos Online

Are your running a business website or Facebook page? We live in a new and dynamic era of image creation. Over 2.5 billion people already have “cameras in their pockets” that further advances the age of visual language and culture. Photos are becoming the universal language. If you want to reach your intended audience, buy photos online.

Here are 6 main reasons to buy photos online:

  • Articles with photos get 94% more total views than it full-text counterpart.
  • 60% of consumers consider buying a product from a contact or business with images that show up in local search results.
  • Social media posts with photos have 37% higher level of engagement that posts with texts only.
  • Over half of consumers consider quality image as very important in choosing and buying a product.
  • Many consumers think that the quality of product image is more important than description, reviews and ratings.
  • Including a photo in your social media posts increases views by 45%.

Buy photos online to adapt to the age of visual culture. Include high definition images to drive engagement and increase your sales. Keep in mind that Facebook and Twitter are important parts of social media strategy. You need to use images in your posts and not just links and texts.

A number of stock photos sites let you buy photos online at affordable prices. Whatever your budget level is, you will definitely find an image source that meets your needs. To name a few, iStock and 99 Club are cheap stock photo sites that offer high quality photos.

Stock photos are a great resource to add professional-quality visuals. They are at very low cost with minimal legal risks. Buying photos online entail huge possibilities, clear benefits and low expenses. Make sure you tap into them to make your website, advertisement, social media posts, blog posts, and marketing campaigns more compelling.

10 Things You Need to Know about iStock (Plus One)


If you are looking for cheap stock media sites, like the ones listed here, you probably have considered iStock as your primary stock source. The stock agency has been in business for over 15 years and has helped creative professionals with various projects. When it comes to high quality images at very low prices, you can always count on iStock. If you do not have an account with the stock site, here are 10 things that you need to know about it. We hope that this iStock photo review will be of great help.

  • iStock has over 50 million stock assets in its library. The stock media site offers images, illustrations, videos and audio clips. Its vast collection covers various themes and styles that will fit all kinds of projects.
  • It features two collections. You can choose to purchase stock assets from the Essentials and Signature collection. The former includes low-price shots while the latter features high quality, exclusive content.
  • Video clips are available in various image resolution. You can download iStock footage in SD, HD and 4K.
  • iStock offers royalty-free license. This type of license allows you to use the footage and images in any project for as long as you like – for a one-time flat fee.
  • Footage are priced according to collections not by image resolution. This means you pay the same price for different image resolution. If you download videos from the Essentials collection, it will cost you 6 credits. On the other hand, footages in the Signature collection can be bought for 18 credits.
  • The stock site accepts two payment methods. You can purchase credits in two ways: PayPal and credit card. If you are purchasing a la carte with credits, you can choose to be charged on your credit card or invoiced on your PayPal account.
  • Save time with an easy-to-use library. iStock’s library features a keyword search engine and advanced filters. It is highly searchable so you can save time discovering its high quality content. It is organized in categories, collections, most popular, recently added, and more.
  • It is backed by Getty Images. You probably don’t know it yet, but iStock is owned and managed by the world’s leading source of premium footages and images – Getty Images.
  • Exclusive content is the main highlight. iStock is one of the few agencies that offer exclusive footage. You will not find them in any other website. These files are more expensive that their non-exclusive counterpart, but the added value in controlled distribution makes up for it.
  • No subscriptions for videos. Unfortunately, there are no available subscriptions for videos. You can only purchase them via credits.

istock-logo-newAdditional Tip: You can further your savings! iStock already offers stock assets at ridiculously low prices, but there is another way to increase your savings. You can get iStock coupons to have 15% off credit packs and 12% off subscriptions. Is this iStock photo review helpful? Visit the stock media website and download your footages now!